Packlink customer support contact

The company provides Packlink customer support contact with a variety of ways to contact them including live chat, phone and email. The company has an excellent customer support team with a very fast turnaround time. They also offer an online ticketing system that allows customers to quickly and easily submit tickets that are then dealt with by the team.

Founded in 2007, Packlink is a UK-based courier comparison and booking service for parcel delivery services provided by some of the world’s best carriers. With a focus on delivering speed and simplicity for individuals and businesses, the service offers competitive pricing and flexible shipping options for all couriers.

When a shipment is dispatched, the tracking information will be available to the customer in the form of a Tracking Number. The Tracking Number is located on the shipping label and can be used to monitor the progress of the shipment. This is especially important when you are shipping an expensive item because it will provide a degree of protection should the package be damaged or lost in transit.

Packlink Customer Support: How to Contact Them for Shipping Assistance and Queries

Maintaining accuracy in invoicing is crucial to Packlink’s bottom line, and errors can be costly. Previously, the company’s invoicing systems were not integrated with its other backend systems, meaning that manually reviewing invoices was a laborious process. With the help of Cloud Dataproc and BigQuery, Packlink now automates this process, saving a full 20 percent in costs and 100 hours a month of work. The migration to Google Cloud also enabled the company to automate environment creation using infrastructure as code techniques and unlock the potential of automation in its separate BI product, further streamlining operations.

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