Boric Acid Suppositories For BV

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BV is a bacterial infection that causes symptoms like foul-smelling fishy discharge and irritation. The infection is usually treated with antibiotics from your doctor. However, untreated BV can lead to other health problems, including pelvic inflammatory disease, which can cause infertility.

Does boric acid make you wet?

Boric acid suppositories bv is a serious condition that affects up to 50 percent of women. It can also increase the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. Symptoms of BV can include a foul-smelling fishy discharge, itching, and irritation. Some women also experience a gray discharge.

Using boric acid suppositories is one treatment option for BV. They work by relieving symptoms of BV and yeast infections. They also help maintain a healthy vaginal balance.

Boric acid has been used for over a century as a home remedy for vaginal infections. However, there is not a lot of scientific research on the effects of boric acid on BV.

BV can be treated with antibiotics and other medications. Using boric acid suppositories as a secondary line of defense can help alleviate the symptoms of BV and yeast infections. However, boric acid should not be used if you are pregnant, are taking other medications, or have other health concerns.

When used as part of an ongoing treatment plan, boric acid can help prevent BV infections and maintain a healthy vaginal balance. It is also used to treat BV after antibiotics have run their course.

Boric acid suppositories can be bought over the counter at a local pharmacy. However, it is important to consult a doctor before using boric acid suppositories for BV.

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