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heavy duty casters

Heavy duty casters offer much greater load capacities than standard 4″ caster wheels. These larger casters can support loads of thousands of pounds without breaking or wearing out. Find out castercity.com

Casters are usually made from metal, but some companies manufacture nylon casters that have the same strength as steel and can be more affordable. These casters are often seen on tool boxes, office furniture, and other items that need to be moved around frequently.

Choosing the right caster wheel is important for keeping your equipment safe, moving it smoothly, and preventing scratches on the floor. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Load rating

The total load capacity of a caster is an important factor for deciding on the type of caster wheel you should purchase. It is based on a number of different factors such as material, construction, size, etc.

The Benefits of Using Pneumatic Wheels on Heavy Duty Casters

The shock absorption feature is designed to absorb the shock when the caster rolls over uneven surfaces. It equalizes the load on all four casters, so you can avoid excessive vibration when you’re moving your equipment across floors or over rough terrain.

Shock absorption casters are also great for carts and trucks that carry sensitive loads. They have a spring-loaded design that provides cushioning, which makes the trip more comfortable for the user.

Pneumatic casters with rubber pneumatic wheels are a popular choice for heavy-duty carts that need to go over or traverse rough or uneven terrain. They provide a smooth ride and are often more durable than traditional pneumatic wheels because they resist punctures, require less maintenance, and have better steering performance.

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