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A taxi dispatch center is a computerized facility that serves customers by managing their rides. This type of facility is used to select a taxi based on the customer’s location, traffic conditions, and the vehicle’s empty status. Using real-time traffic information, dispatchers can also provide accurate arrival times to customers.

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Taxi dispatch center are used in transportation firms such as ride-sharing services, shuttles, taxis, limousines, and other forms of transportation. Dispatching operations can be performed by using Call Center software and a Siemens Hipath communication server. These systems work with an existing web taxi booking module, which allows dispatchers to manage and track their fleet in real time.

In a cab dispatch system, the company’s vehicle is allocated to a specific destination in the shortest amount of time possible. The process is based on the customer’s destination, the taxi’s empty state, the traffic situation, and the estimated time of arrival.

There are two types of taxi dispatch centers: larger and smaller ones. The larger ones usually have a LRProfessional recording system. The smaller ones use the LRPersonal recording system. Both systems record conversations between dispatchers and customer. Depending on the system, these recordings can be used to check orders, ensure quality service, and track customer complaints.

Taxi dispatch centers are usually operated non-stop. In addition, the call volume for these centers is high. Dispatchers use the system’s auto assignment feature to create new bookings for phone calls. For this purpose, they can monitor the availability of all the vehicles in the fleet. They can also track each driver in real time.

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